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  • French Onion and Parmesan RollsFrench Onion and Parmesan Rolls

    These tasty rolls, made from Rhodes frozen roll dough, are easy to make and great for adding flavor to your next family dinner.

  • Parmesan Cheese KnotsParmesan Cheese Knots

    Knot your ordinary dinner roll, Parmesan Cheese Knots are deliciously different!

  • Sesame Pull ApartSesame Pull Apart

    Once you’ve tasted this deliciously simple Sesame Pull-Apart, you’ll never part with this recipe!

  • Crisp Onion BreadsticksCrisp Onion Breadsticks

    Try these delicious breadsticks! They are a crunchy new twist on our traditional Buttery Breadsticks.

  • Cranberry Orange Sweet RollsCranberry Orange Sweet Rolls

    Try these Cranberry Orange Sweet Rolls for your family this Holiday Season. They are sure to be a favorite.

  • Cinnamon Nut LoafCinnamon Nut Loaf

    This is a cinnamon roll gone easy and put into a loaf pan. Just slice up for individual servings.

  • Parmesan BreadParmesan Bread

    The topping on this delicious bread gives a subtle, savory taste to the whole loaf.

  • Seeded BreadsticksSeeded Breadsticks

    If you love a textured breadstick, this is the recipe for you.

  • Scones Fry Bread Elephant EarsScones Fry Bread Elephant Ears

    Scones are comfort food and these scones are delicious and easy with frozen dough!

  • Bubbly BreadBubbly Bread

    Kids know that one of the best things about being back in school is the afternoon snack. Treat them to this irresistible cheesy bubbly bread; you'll be sure to get an "A".

  • BaguettesBaguettes

    These long skinny french loaves will become your favorite for making appetizers and are so easy to make with frozen dough.

  • Soft PretzelsSoft Pretzels

    Make these popular soft pretzels at home for the whole family to enjoy!

  • Sweet Breakfast BitesSweet Breakfast Bites

    Add sweet and savory to these rolls and you'll be the favorite chef of the day.

  • Southern Peach CobblerSouthern Peach Cobbler

    Here's a twist on traditional peach cobbler using Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls. This Southern Peach Cobbler recipe is full of peach and cinnamon goodness, ENJOY!

  • Homemade Cinnamon RollsHomemade Cinnamon Rolls

    What's not to love about these tasty and oh so easy cinnamon rolls?

  • Monkey BreadMonkey Bread

    Caramel ice cream topping is the ingenious ingredient that gives this Monkey Bread recipe its warm and gooey greatness!

  • Ice Creamy Cinnamon RollsIce Creamy Cinnamon Rolls

    Melted and cooked ice cream make a delicious additon to these quick and easy rolls.

  • Cinnamon Streusel BundtCinnamon Streusel Bundt

    So impressive looking and and so easy and delicious with frozen cinnamon rolls to start with. You'll want to show this one off.

  • Cinnamon Roll RingCinnamon Roll Ring

    Swirling cinnamon rolls in a beautiful ring arrangement will add an elegant touch to your Easter brunch.

  • Cinnamon Roll Bread PuddingCinnamon Roll Bread Pudding

    Put a new twist on an old classic, our Cinnamon Roll Bread Pudding is sure to please.

  • Cinnamon Cream Cheese SouffleCinnamon Cream Cheese Souffle

    This sticky, gooey sweetness can be left in the fridge overnight and be ready to cook first thing the next morning. Who can resist something as easy as that?

  • Cinnamon Blueberry Crumble (Anytime!)Cinnamon Blueberry Crumble (Anytime!)

    Serve a Cinnamon Blueberry Crumble so scrumptious not a crumb will be left over!

  • Cinnamon Apple CrumbleCinnamon Apple Crumble

    Save room for dessert, this Cinnamon Apple Crumble combines the best flavors of fall.

  • Caramel Apple PieCaramel Apple Pie

    Celebrate Fall! Nothing says Autumn like caramel, apples and cinnamon. Try this delicious Caramel Apple Pie, your family will thank you.

  • Apple Cinnamon RollsApple Cinnamon Rolls

    Easy preparation makes this a sweet delight that can't be beat.

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