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Distinctive dinner rolls are the jewels of any feast-filled table, so forget the mixing, measuring, and the mess! With no need to knead, your bread basket can be as easy as it is exquisite. Simply snip your scissors and you can quickly cut a cloverleaf, shape a swirl, or bake beautiful buttery dinner rolls.

It's easy as thaw, shape and bake! Just click on the name for the recipe.

   Cloverleaf Rolls                  Knot Rolls                     Swirl Rolls                Butterflake Rolls          Parkerhouse Rolls     


Using frozen dough saves you the measuring, mixing, kneading and cleanup of 'scratch baking', yet you will enjoy the quality, flavor and aroma of homemade, it's 'homemade without the mess'.


You'll quickly see how versatile frozen dough is. You can make pizzas, calzones, sopapillas, bread bowls, dough sculpture, breadsticks, pretzels, bagels and the list goes on.


Once you open a can of refrigerated dough, there's no going back, you have to use the whole can. With frozen dough, you bake only what you need and use the rest next time. Rhodes bread costs less than a dollar a loaf and Rhodes dinner rolls cost only about twelve cents each.

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Rhodes products come with a No-Fault-Guarantee, and our customer satisfaction team-all knowledgeable bakers- will personally answer questions or resolve any problems. Our Bake Line, 1-800-876-7333, is staffed Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm (Mountain Time).If for any reason our product does not meet your expectations, write us, or call toll-free. We will send you a coupon of equivalent value and make every effort to correct the problem in the future.