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Porky Sandwich

Porky Sandwich
Porky Sandwich
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Fill this pig sandwich with your favorite sandwich filling and your family will squeal with delight.

Prep Time: 15 min (not including thaw time)
Bake Time: 20 min
Servings: 4
Skills: Beginning


  1. 4 Rhodes Texas Rolls thawed, but still cold
    1 egg, beaten
    2 raisins


Press two rolls into a flat circle for head. Place on sprayed baking sheet. Flatten one roll into rectangle shape and cut in half diagonally to make two triangles. Press short base of triangles down into top of head and fold over for ears. Cut remaining roll in quarters and form two tear-drop shapes and slice as shown for toes. Position under head. Roll one quarter into rope and curl for tail. Place above head. Form remaining quarter into a flat circle for nose and cut out nostrils with the end of a straw, position on face. Add raisins for eyes. Brush with beaten egg and allow to rise for 30 minutes. Just before baking, widen nostrils again with straw or a clean pencil eraser. Bake at 350°F 20 minutes. Allow to cool. Slice horizontally. Suggested fillings: mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes, thin sliced onions, and bacon.

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