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Hot Dog Mummies

A fun idea for your Halloween get togethers!

Skill: Intermediate Prep Time: 20 Bake Time: 15 Servings:


Rhodes Yeast Dinner Rolls, thawed but still cold
bun length hot dogs
mustard for eyes


Cut arms and legs on hot dog. Be sure to leave about 1 1/2 inches for head.

Cut small piece of dough off of one roll to use as head wrap. Cut the rest of the roll in half. Roll the head wrap into a rope about 6-7 inches in length.

Roll the other two pieces into 2 ropes about 18-20 inches long.

Starting at the foot and using one long rope, wrap the dough around one leg about 4 or 5 times, 2 times around the body and up and over a shoulder and 3 or 4 times down one arm.

Repeat on the other side of the hot dog body.

Use the small dough rope and wrap around the top of the head about 3 times.

Place mummy on a sprayed baking sheet and bake at 375°F 10-15 minutes or until dough is golden brown.

Let cool slightly and use two dots of mustard for eyes.