Monster Bash

Fall is in the air! Crackling leaves underfoot are a reminder that the kids favorite holiday is just around the corner. Halloween parties come in all shapes and sizes and we have the perfect pizza recipes for your very own Monster Bash. With frozen dough purchased at your local grocery store you can shape and bake all kinds of fiendishly fun and delicious pizzas.
Monster Face pizzas can be made in any shape you can imagine. The kids can decorate them with their favorite pizza toppings and you can listen to their screams of fright when they come out of the oven.

Why not try Mummy Mini Pizzas? They are just the right size for all of the little Trick or Treaters that live at your house. You may even get them to eat one before they set off for the night.

Happy Jack Pizza and Taco Nacho Jack-O-Lanterns are also clever ideas for the little goblins to sink their teeth into. They’re sure to bring shrieks of delight from all your family and friends.

The aroma and taste of these home-baked pizzas will haunt your Halloween halls and leave your guests howling for more.