Fun Family Baking

With summer in full swing the kids are sure to be asking “what can I do?” Answer them with a bag of ready-made frozen dough right out of the freezer. Just let it thaw and they can get busy making these fun doggy themed ideas. A child’s appetite for fun will kick in the moment they touch the squishy dough. Our Dog in a Dog recipe is a great, mess free way to serve lunch or dinner. Just enclose the hot dogs inside the dough, bake and enjoy dipping them into mustard or ketchup. They can also sculpt a Doggy Face Sandwich and then fill it with hot dogs or any of their favorite sandwich fillings.

Gather the family around and let everyone try making these PB& Banana Piggy Sandwiches. Why not come up with your own animal faces to cut open and fill with all kinds of fun ingredients? Cinnamon Roll Snails are the perfect finishing touch and super easy to make. The kids can bake up a batch in just minutes.

Cooking and baking are skills that help children read, do math and organize their work logically. Let the kids spend more time in the kitchen this summer for fun family baking and adding extra helpings of smiles and laughs to every meal.