Let’s Eat In!

With the family so involved in ball practice, music lessons, play rehearsal and work schedules, enjoying a meal together can be almost impossible. We all know that eating as a family has great benefits for everyone. It’s the perfect time to share information and news of the day and to give extra attention to each other. Family meals help bring us closer together, feel loved and secure and give us a sense of belonging. Generally, meals prepared at home are more nutritious and healthy.

Why not try Family Night Pizza where everyone can customize a section for themselves? Braided Spaghetti Bread or a delicious Family-Size Italian Club Calzone may be just the mealtime hit you’re looking for. Add a yummy salad and some fresh fruit to one of these recipes and you have a wholesome meal anyone will love.

Buttery Breadsticks are always a favorite addition to almost any meal. Next time the kids say “what can I do to help?” you can be ready. Hand them some thawed frozen rolls and get them busy rolling out snakes to make into these melt-in-your-mouth breadsticks.

The ease of using frozen dough helps make these recipes quick, simple and nutritious. An added benefit
is that because it is frozen, packaged yeast dough is made using only the all-natural ingredients found in authentic homemade dough. It’s also easy enough to work with that the whole family will want to help prepare the food.

Let’s bring the family back to the dinner table.