Holiday Flair

Thanksgiving traditionally marks the beginning of the holiday season. As the air chills and the days grow short, family pleasures come alive. And a comforting Thanksgiving feast with loved ones is usually prominent in those thoughts.

Since the first famous celebration nearly 400 years ago almost everything about the American table has changed. However, homemade rolls have been a constant from the beginning. Everybody loves the aroma of fresh baked rolls, and can hardly wait to sneak into the kitchen for a taste.

You can enrich your own yearly celebration with a beautiful and delicious assortment of fresh-from-the-oven rolls that’s easier than it looks. If you haven’t yet given up the mixing, measuring and mess of scratch baking preparation, try today’s variety of high quality, pre-packaged frozen roll dough for a big assist in the kitchen.

These time saving, no fuss roll recipes can work with any menu that’s a longtime favorite on your holiday table. Add your choice to tried and true traditional selections. Serve Herbed Topped Rolls, Cloverleaf Rolls or delicious Butterflake Rolls. Your delighted guests will have a hard time choosing their favorites.