Scare Up Some Fun!

Fall is in the air! Everyone loves that crisp, cool, leaf-raking, jacket wearing weather. Along with football games, and homecomings, autumn brings our children’s favorite holiday – Halloween.

It’s easy to brew up some Halloween fun with frozen dough. Creepy, maybe, but these holiday recipes are just the ticket to put a smile on the face of all the little ghouls and boys in your life. If you are the one who has to stay home to hand out treats to all the neighborhood princesses and pirates why not have these fiendishly fun foods on hand to munch on?

Prepare the kids for a long night of ghoulish celebrations with this Ghostly Three Cheese Pizza. It will send shivers down their spines and your hungry Trick-or-Treaters will be ready for a fun filled night.

Bake up a batch of these eerie Edible Eyeballs. They’re sure to bring shrieks of delight from your family and friends. All will agree they are most definitely a Halloween fun food!

Sweet Spider S’mores are the perfect thing to greet your own little goblins when they come running in the door with cold noses and full goody bags. The marshmallow and graham cracker filling combines with the chocolate frosting for a delectably delicious dessert.

This Halloween why not bewitch your family and friends with these ghoulish ghosts, spooky spiders and edible eyeballs? The trick is in the ease of frozen dough. The treat is in the homemade taste. Your enjoyment will be frightfully delightful!