Mummy I’m Hungry

Halloween night could be a fright with all those kid-tempting sweets in plain sight. So, don’t get caught without a few goodies that are good for them. You can wrap up your Halloween party menu with some fun but creepy Mummy Mini Pizzas. Fit for a King-Tut-sized appetite, this clever idea should knock ‘em dead.

Maybe you’d like to roll out some Happy Jack Pizzas for the little goblins to sink their teeth into. Baking these fun Jack-O-Lanterns using frozen dough from your grocery store is so quick and easy it’s spooky.

The same convenient frozen dough makes lots of tricks possible. Take an afternoon with your children and make some Baked Hot Dogs on a Stick. Served with mustard and blood-red ketchup these fun little dogs will delight family and friends. If there’s still room for dessert, fill those cravings with a big helping of warm Cinnamon Apple Crumble or a delicious Apple Fritter. Fiendishly good, especially served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Don’t be frightened by how quickly these tempting treats disappear! The trick is using easy frozen dough. The treat is in the homemade taste.