Bite A Hand That Feeds You

Fall’s cool, crisp weather ushers in that bewitching holiday everyone loves–Halloween. It’s a great time for family and friends to gather and enjoy some fabulous fun food in the spirit of the spooky tradition.

Start by filling your treat table with some ghoulish fingers. Yeah, witch fingers topped with tasty Parmesan cheese and garlic salt. Creepy but irresistible, you just chomp into them like breadsticks or dip into cauldrons of gooey sauce. The kids will go bonkers painting those witchy fingernails frightfully fun colors.

We can give you a hand with your main course, too. That would be Halloween Handwitches, of course. They’re so easy to make it’s almost scary. Starting with frozen roll dough, you just thaw, shape, rise and bake. Then clap two hands together with your favorite fillings in between. These creations will get rave reviews at any Halloween season celebration. They’ll be a hands down favorite you’ll want to reprise every year.

No meal’s complete without dessert, and no Halloween fun seems quite right without apples. This Caramel Apple Twist recipe combines all the best flavors of fall. It not only tastes great but looks great too.

Wholesome frozen bread dough is the trick to putting together lots of people-pleasing treats for the spookiest bash on the block.