Play'n with Dough

Next time the kids say “What can I do?” you’re going to be ready. Grab their interest with a brand-new, kid-cool summer baking project. Pull a bag of ready-made, frozen dough out of the freezer. Let it thaw a bit and get them busy rolling out snakes and worms that can be made into all kinds of tasty treats. Here’s a case where it’s okay to play with your food. A child’s appetite for fun will kick in the moment he or she touches the squishy dough. Have them use lots of imagination to make any shape, then bake and watch them devour it hot from the oven.

It’s also tons of fun for kids to make their own silly face on the top of their own personal pizza. Use some cheese slices for eyes, and other good-for-them veggies to make smiles of all kinds. Fun for all kids at that summer sleep over. And what child could pass up making a good old-fashioned, hot diggety curly dog. Just twirl a roll around a hot dog and bake it for lunch, or stick it on a skewer and roast it at a family campfire.

Make the boredom blues go away this summer by play’n with frozen dough. The kids can put a fun new twist on their lunches and snacks.