Ring In The Holidays

Welcome family and friends home for the holidays with warm Cranberry Orange Wreath Rolls and a bounty of other bread recipes fresh from your oven.

These Santa-sneaky recipes are festive and fast because they begin with pre-packaged frozen yeast dough from your grocer’s freezer. Just like homemade rising dough, you can make any of your favorite holiday recipes with frozen dough, and, you’ll have more free time to enjoy family and friends. Or, add some of these easy new recipes to the season’s repertoire.

For quick holiday fixin’s to fill unexpected guests, try this Quick Fix Cinna-Stix recipe. Warm from the oven in minutes, the aroma of Cinna-Stix will stick around and fill your home with a wonderful holiday aroma. Or, if you really want to impress, the Almond Crumble Twist is a hot new twist on holiday bread baking. It looks so handcrafted with its braided twists and turns; but, it’s actually quite simple to make. Served warm with its nutty sweet almonds, streusel crumble filling and a drizzle of almond glaze, nothing will say home for the holidays more than this breathtakingly beautiful sweet bread.

Ringing in the holidays always means bringing out the bundt pan—it’s tradition. This year, serve what is sure to become a holiday table favorite in your home—a clever new Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bundt. The pull-apart-while-it’s-hot bread is reminiscent of a pumpkin-chocolate-chip cookie, and the seasonal scent of yummy pumpkin pie will waft through your cozy kitchen for hours.