Give It A Swirl This Thanksgiving

Whether serving bread as a turkey, swirled in a basket, or in tasty leftovers, frozen dough will do half the work and give you all the credit.

Ever notice the only way you really know it's time to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner is when the warm basket of rolls reaches the table? Or that those "stuffed" dinner guests reach for just one more Thanksgiving roll? It wouldn't quite be a holiday feast without this ages-old comfort food.

And what could be more pleasing than a beautiful basket piled high with delicately swirled dinner rolls? How about the simplicity of the recipe? These rolls are made with frozen yeast dough so they're as easy as thaw, shape & bake. Some no-fail tips for working with frozen dough are also included to ensure the rolls turn out perfectly on that special day-or any ordinary day.

While adults anticipate the elegant affair that is Thanksgiving dinner, kids often want a little fun with all the formality. Serve these delightful turkey-shaped rolls and watch as they gobble them down! Just roll a long piece of dough for a head and neck, a round flat ball for the body, and let your scissors snip some dough into a fan shape for the tail . . . and then serve a turkey without the leftovers. You can even sprinkle on a few nuts for a decorative crunch!

You know you've found a good recipe when the family doesn't realize they're eating last Thursday's turkey . . . again. Enjoy the blend of savory autumn flavors in this Turkey Mushroom Bake.

And while it's almost too beautiful to eat, this Cinnamon Cream Cheese Souffle is so delicious, you'll have no choice but to indulge.