Great, Outdoors

Over the fire or in a Dutch oven, even great recipes somehow taste better in the great outdoors. And when happy campers smell the aroma of freshly baked bread, it will really bring out those mountain man appetites.

Get them up and out of the tent in the morning with the aroma of sizzling bacon baked into a breakfast pull-apart. Sprinkled with melted cheese, these buttery warm rolls are a delicious way to begin an adventurous new day.

Enjoying the flavor of warm apple pie under the starry night sky is also easy when you begin with frozen cinnamon roll dough. Just cut the dough in pieces and add a few apples, brown sugar and the left-over graham crackers you brought along for the s'mores. Toss it all into a Dutch oven to bake and then drizzle with a clever caramel topping that uses the pre-packaged icing for the rolls.

For little campers, Campfire Twirly Dogs are an exciting new twist to the ol' weenie roast. Wrap a little dough around the dog, and then let the kids bake a cool bun right over the hot coals. Warm from the fire and far more delicious than a standard hot dog bun, Twirly Dogs are also much more enjoyable to make & bake. Or, if you want to fill a roasted bun with other fun ingredients, you can bake one using this 4-H-inspired recipe called Fandangles-a sandwich bun baked on a thick stick over the fire. Just cook, fill and eat.

Buttery breadsticks simply blossom when baked Dutch-oven-style. Well, at least they look like a blossom because they're baked end-to-end in the round oven. They're
a warm and toasty addition to practically any outdoor meal.

Most campers won't expect such royal fare around an open fire, sooo . . . why not pack up the gear and head out for some family fun and good food in the great outdoors?