Ring in the Holidays

Think about the holidays and, chances are, there’s food somewhere in the picture. And with the food, another season of gifting and entertaining is about to begin.

Baking has always played a prominent role in the festivities. Whether you display, serve or give food this holiday—beautiful, classic bundt creations are certain to be everyone’s favorite.

Part of the fun is in the pan. Bundt molds come in many delightful styles, but all share a traditional hole in the center. You can find shapes styled after cathedrals or trees or simple variations of favorite soft rounds. And, a great shortcut to capturing the essence of warm-baked holiday moments is to use readily available frozen dough as your base ingredient. The rest is as easy as . . . well . . . as these bundt recipes.

Those who love the fruity tang of the season will crave the orange cranberry recipe bundt that’s practically to die for. Chocolate lovers take note—we’ve got you covered with a decadent, chocolate stuffed sticky bundt. Heavenly! On the savory side, this buttery, sausage and herb filled bundt will just hit the spot. And you may notice that they all make great gift bundts, as well.

The magic happens when you tip these beauties out of their pans. The sleek, elegant shapes are ready for a quick glaze or frosting coat. So, when you make out your holiday grocery list include some of these ordinary ingredients that can be transformed into extraordinary seasonal bundts.