Elegant & Easy Thanksgiving Rolls

Distinctive dinner rolls are the jewels of any feast-filled holiday table. But, creating classic yeast rolls can be tricky and time consuming--unless you begin with this little time-saving tip: pre-packaged frozen dinner roll dough.

Packaged yeast dinner roll dough is prepared using a process called flash freezing. This method instantly freezes the dough without harming the active yeast. Upon thawing, the protected yeast then activates and rises to double its size--just like made-from-scratch yeast dough. And, because it is frozen, packaged yeast dough is also made using only the all-natural ingredients found in authentic homemade dough.

So this holiday season, forget the mixing, measuring, and mess! With no need to knead, your Thanksgiving bread basket can be as easy as it is exquisite. Simply snip your scissors and you can quickly cut a cloverleaf, shape a swirl, or bake beautiful buttery dinner rolls.

Whatever you choose, just be sure to bake a horn o’ plenty of these elegant & easy
Thanksgiving rolls.