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Mon, Sep 17 2012 post by Mely


Mmmm yummy fry bread coated in Cinnamon Sugar!  Click here for the full article.



  • 6                    Rhodes Dinner Rolls, room temperature
  • 1 Cup              Sugar
  • 1 Tsp              Cinnamon, powder
  •                       Oil for deep frying
  •                       Chocolate Sauce (Optional)
  •                       Honey (Optional)


Last year I gave you a recipe to create Bread of the Dead used in Hispanic culture on Day of the Dead. This year I wanted to create something easy that can be shared at your Halloween Party or Day of the dead party. Sopapillas are really a Tex-Mex dish. They are based on a Mexican dish called Buñuellos that are served at Christmastime. I will share a Buñuellos recipe later this year but meanwhile, lets munch out on these yummy treats. Oh, and feel free to use more or less rolls then I did.


Before we begin, I should tell you that ideally, your Sopapillas are going to be puffy. There are a few simple secrets to get that done and after a lot of experimentation I got it right and am ready to share.  If is not puffy, don’t worry!!! It will still be very yummy.. but lets go for the puff.

Mmmm yummy fry bread coated in Cinnamon Sugar!

Start by taking some flour so we can roll out your rolls individually.

You want to roll the dough so that it is thicker than a tortilla so about ¼ inch thick. This is one of those little important tricks to get your puff.



Mmmm yummy fry bread coated in Cinnamon Sugar!

Now cut it into 4 triangles. I used a pizza cutter to get a nice even edge. Set them aside.

Heat your oil to 375 degrees F. This is very important in getting the puff and so you must remember to get your oil up to 375 before each batch.



Mmmm yummy fry bread coated in Cinnamon Sugar!

Once your oil is ready for the first batch make sure you only place a few pieces into the fryer. No more than 4 pieces but depending on the size of your fryer it may only take two pieces.

Cook your sopapillas to a medium or dark golden brown.

Have a plate with paper towels ready. Place the Sopapillas on the papper towel to drain some of the oil.



Mmmm yummy fry bread coated in Cinnamon Sugar!

Next get a gallon sized zip lock and place the sugar and Cinnamon powder in it. Mix well.  Next take each sopapilla individually and toss in the bag until it is coated well.

That’s it. You are done.. now you just need to choose your dipping sauce. Some people use honey and then others go with chocolate sauce. Really you can use anything you desire. I placed honey and chocolate sauce in a bowl and twirled them to create a ghostly figure.


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Claudia said on Aug 12, 2013
I am planning on trying this recipe soon, however, do you still have the one for Pan de Muerto? I could not find it and would love to make it at the same time. Thanks! :)
reema sen said on Jun 26, 2013
Good dish...
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