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Fri, Mar 14 2014 post by admin

Rhodes on Pinterest {March 2014}

Time to feature Rhodes on Pinterest again! Check out all our boards and a couple recipes we think you'll find amazing!

Rhodes On Pinterest

Hey, hey Rhodes fans! It's time for us to take another browse down the aisles of our Pinterest boards. What's not to love about Pinterest? It's visual, it's full of great ideas, you can spend hours and hours looking, ... uh, ok ... that might be just a little problem for some of us {ahem} :D

We're going to provide you a quick run down of all our boards, then you can head on over and subscribe to your favorites - or all of them - 'cause we know you'll want to! Then we're going to highlight a couple recipes from our 'Make it with Rhodes' board because we want to hear all about your successes experimenting with Rhodes dough. Upload your photo to our Facebook page and we'll be so impressed, that we'll want to send you a FREE Rhodes recipe book! (hint, hint)

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So now you're just dying to click this link, right?


Now for a couple recipes we're really excited about:

Garlic Herb Breadtwists

Garlic Herb Breadtwists

by Shutterbean.com

Tracy got her dough at Trader Joe's (we won't begrudge her that) but we think they would be equally amazing using Rhodes! Here's a little tip she gives you about rolling out the dough. "We want to let [the dough] sit until it’s pliable. If it bounces back to its original position, it’s not ready. Let it sit. Be patient. That’s the first rule in dough handling." And she's right! What a great tip! Try out these Breadtwists and let us know how it goes!

Italian Easter Bread

Italian Easter Bread

by The Italian Dish

Since Easter will be here sooner than we think, we thought we'd feature these cute holiday breads from Elaine. She makes her own dough for these treats, which is always wonderful, but we think you could cut down the prep time by using Rhodes! Here are her suggestions for adding the Easter eggs: "The Easter eggs do not need to be hard boiled.  They cook when the bread bakes.  I usually just dye the eggs uncooked, without hardboiling them.  Saves time.  Just be careful they don't crack! After baking, you can eat the eggs, but if you leave the bread sitting out for a few hours, don't eat them.  Common sense." For fun, huh? Alrighty, try these out with your family and take lots of pictures for us!

See you on Pinterest!

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