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Thu, Feb 25 2016 post by Stacie

Rhodes on Pinterest {February 2016}

Rhodes is on Pinterest! Come pin with us and see what's new!

Rhodes on Pinterest

Rhodes loves Pinterest. And do you know why? Because it's so visual - it's all about the images! Not to brag, but, we do take some pretty pictures here. And guess what else? Recipes are one of the most pinned categories!  Pinterest is now the third most popular social network in the U.S. and reached 10 million users in 1/3 of the time it took Twitter to do the same. So it's no wonder we've jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon.


That's where you'll find us! Come browse our boards and follow us for all of our latest mouth-watering recipe pics! Plus, we have a board called 'Make it with Rhodes'. This is where we pin all the recipes that we think could be adapted to utilize the ease and versatility of Rhodes dough. Whether you don't have enough time for home-made dough, or you're yearning for more flavor than the refrigerated stuff, Rhodes has got your back! And we've got more than 1400 pins worth of ideas. Here are a few we can't wait to try:

In the category of pizza, we've had our eye on Barbecue Chicken Pizza with Bacon and Corn from Baked by Rachel. Rhodes dough makes really great pizza dough so try it out with all your favorite pizza recipes.

BBQ Chicken Pizza with Bacon and Corn

Now let's take a look at the ever-popular bread braid. After the success of our Braided Spaghetti Bread blog post, we know people really love the idea of delicious ingredients all wrapped up in warm bread dough. Plus they look fancy, but are pretty dang easy to put together. The one we've been eyeing is this Easy Ham & Cheese Stromboli from Ashlyn over on Belle of the Kitchen. She folds this one up rather than braiding it, but you can do it however your little heart desires! Doesn't that look yummy?

Easy Ham & Cheese Stromboli

On to the bundles, pockets, calzones - whatever you want to call them - people love these because they're individual sized and easy to take on the go. These little pockets of goodness are called runzas or bierocks. Zach over on High Heels and Grills calls his Runzas "a classy hot pocket", and this traditional German recipe is definitely on our To-Make list!


We've showed you a few main dish ideas, but we all know Rhodes is great for sides like rolls and breadsticks, which are great because you don't need much prep time. Here are some great looking Easy Cheesy Garlic Breadsticks from Sarah over on Sugar Apron, who posts her recipe with this warning: "You should only make these bread sticks when surrounded by plenty of people to help you eat them!"

Easy Cheesy Garlic Breadsticks

Here's another category with a bunch of different names - bubble bread, monkey bread, pull-aparts - pick your poison. Or actually your favorite flavors and fillings, because the web is full of amazing versions of this typically sweet and gooey treat. But today we found a savory version called Blue Cheese Pull Apart Rolls by Sharon on What the Fork Food Blog. WOW!

Blue Cheese Pull Apart Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are a classic and we've seen tons on fun recipes for these swirly treats floating around - both savory and sweet. Pretty much like most of the other recipes, you get to stuff them with whatever you want. You're only limited by your own imagination! This amazing creation filled with marscapone cheese, lemon zest, and frozen raspberries, called Raspberry Sticky Buns, is the handiwork of Sommer on A Spicy Perspective.

Raspberry Sticky Buns

And just because Spring is in the air, we thought it would be fun to show you these Flower Rolls made by Allison of Cupcake Diaries on our very own blog!

Flower Rolls with Honey Butter

See ya soon on Pinterest. Come pin with us!

Rhodes on Pinterest


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Ashlyn @ Belle of the Kitchen said on Feb 26, 2016
YUM! I love all of these recipes! Thank you so much for including my stromboli!
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