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Sat, Jun 18 2011 post by admin

Rhodes News: Ode to Rhodes Rolls

We have a fan and her name is Celeste. In fact she likes Rhodes rolls so much, that she dedicated a poem to their yumminess. "I find that every time I eat a Rhodes roll, it is better th...


Ode to Rhodes Rolls

Oh, Rhodes rolls

How do you taste so delicious?

Your crispy, brown outside,

With a soft and doughy inside.

What a variety to choose from.

Cinnamon, Orange or Original?

It is much too hard to pick just one.

I feel myself melting as I look at each different kind.

I can't wait to take my first bite!

To feel that little piece of heaven in my mouth.

I decide on the Original.

I place them on the silver cooking sheet,

And watch them rise and rise.

Waiting for just the right minute to pop them into the oven.

Time passes slowly.

Watching as each roll suddenly get a tint of brown.

I check the timer.



5 minutes...

I can semll that warm, comforting aroma.


My heavenly rolls are done.

I touch each one feeling joy run through me.

I spread the soft butter onto it,

And watch as it slowly melts.

Then, just like a monster, I dive in.

Just perfect!


Oh how I love...


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Kristi said on Jun 21, 2011
That says it all!!! What a great poem and very creative and talented Celeste!!
Greg Mclardie said on Mar 11, 2013
I am glad that i landed on your page.
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