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Fri, Apr 29 2011 post by Kenny

Rhodes News: New Production Line

A reason to celebrate at the Rhodes Calwell, ID manufacturing plant. Come celebrate with us! Click here to read the full article...

Rhodes corporate headquarters are in Salt Lake City, UT with manufacturing plants in Caldwell, ID and Columbus, WI. This past week the Rhodes team in Caldwell gathered for a ribbon cutting ceremony and luncheon to celebrate the installation of a new Warm-N-Serv production line in Caldwell.  The Caldwell facility was originally named Champion Bake-N-Serv and operated as a commercial bakery for many years producing a variety of products such as hamburger buns for McDonalds and a delicious pastry called, butterhorns.  Baking ceased in the 70’s as all production was switched over to producing Rhodes Frozen Bread and Roll Dough.  For over 30 years only frozen dough products have been produced in that facility.  The Rhodes team was excited to fire up the ovens and turn over a new leaf at the Caldwell facility.


Domitila Vidales cutting the ribbon

Rhodes Production Line


A happy Caldwell team

Rhodes Production Line


Here they are: the first batch of Multigrain Rolls. Delicious!

Rhodes Production Line

This project involved moving this production line from our plant in Wisconson to the one in Idaho. It took a lot of hard work and planning, but thanks to great Rhodes employees it went off without a hitch. Kudos to the Caldwell team for their enthusiasm to learn new skills and embrace a new challenge. The 4 Warm-N-Serv items that the Caldwell plant will be producing are the Buttery White Dinner Rolls, Garlic Butter Rolls, Sticky Buns, and Multigrain Rolls.

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Jim MARCOTT said on May 13, 2011
Being a bakers son and working in a bakery much of my younger life, I really have grow found of your open hearth white bread dough. It's easier than baking from scratch and just as good as dad's.
I now have tried all your warm and serve rolls and they are to die for, good work. I like the garlic Butter the best. I just wish the local Grafton WI, Pick & Save and piggly wiggly would stock more because they are going off the shelves so fast, they are hard to get. Open hearth is hard to get too.

kim thompson said on May 03, 2011
love your products
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