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Fri, Dec 04 2015 post by Stacie

Rhodes Caption Contest

Drum roll please...

A few weeks ago we ran a caption contest on our social media sites and we had a lot of great responses. We had more than 350 people caption our photo and today we're ready to announce the results! Based on voting by Rhodes employees, the grand prize winner of our caption contest is Katie B. who submitted this caption:

Rhodes Caption Contest Winner -

Just for fun, here is a list of some of our other favorite captions:

"Dough!" (doh) ~Homer Simpson.

Hard to keep a good roll down!

Quick! We "butter" get in the oven!

Rhodes rises for every occasion!!

Eennie, Meenie, Miney, Dough!!

Dough Henge.

It makes big buns and we cannot lie

Who let the rolls out?

Rise, my minions!

It's naht a tumah (Arnold Schwarzenegger voice)

Do you want to build a dough man?

[In a Morgan Freeman voice] And here we see the migration of the mama polar bear as she guides her cubs across the snowy plains of the Arctic.

Which is your favorite??

Thanks to all who participated in the contest - it was tons of fun to read all the responses! And stay tuned to our social media for more exciting entertainment like this from Rhodes! ;) 

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