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Fri, Jan 10 2014 post by admin

Customer Satisfaction!

Rhodes Bake-N-Serv Customer Satisfaction Team, we're here to help!


Today businesses handle complaints with their products and services in many different ways.  Sometimes your experience with customer service can be extremely frustrating and time consuming.  You may have been placed on hold for a seeming eternity, listened to some lovely music or pushed every number on the phone only to talk with someone who transfers you to another department. 




(Debbie Norris, Rhodes Customer Satisfaction)

Rhodes Bake-N-Serv is different.  Each phone call is answered by a competent representative, who is familiar with the product and who has worked for our company and used the product themselves for many years.  Our phone lines are staffed between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MST.  You may leave a message after hours and someone will return your call the next business day.  You can also reach our Customer Satisfaction Department through our website at www.rhodesbread.com.




Another aspect that sets us apart from other customer service departments is our company’s “No Fault Guarantee.”  This guarantee has been the same for over 60 years.  It states,” If for any reason our product does not meet your expectations…we will send you a coupon of equivalent value and make every effort to correct the problem in the future.” Therefore, whether the product has not performed as it should or for any other reason, you will receive a coupon for the full value of the product to try it again.

We also believe in educating our consumers.  When calling our Customer Satisfaction Department, you will learn what to look for when purchasing our product again to avoid problems in the future, and ways to use our product in different ways.  Our Customer Satisfaction Team will happily send you our latest recipe booklet which also contains money-saving coupons.

Those on our Customer Satisfaction Team are:  Julie Tolman, Jodie Pew, Carrie Sims, Debbie Ockenga, Carrie Whiting,  Debbie Norris and Rebecca Van Valkenburg.   They are all experienced bakers and have at times even answered questions about baking turkeys and cupcakes.  When our consumers call our team, they hang up feeling compensated for their trouble and eager to try again.  Now that is true Customer Satisfaction!


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Donna Metzler said on Jan 04, 2015
We purchased a package of Rhodes AnyTime Cinnamon Rolls yesterday. Baked them this morning and disappointed. They turned out crispy but didn't rise. The upc code is 070022007790 and they were purchased at Festival Foods in Suamico, WI. This is the second recent purchase of these rolls that this has happened. They were on sale for $3.99.
Sue Dotson said on Feb 25, 2015
I purchased 1 bag of the Cinnamon Rolls and they did not rise. The ups is 070022007493 best by 3/18/15 then says w.500:04 I bought them from Sanders Parkview in Salamanca NY 14779 . I paid 6.00 for the bag.
Sue Dotson said on Feb 25, 2015
I purchased 1 bag of the Cinnamon Rolls and they did not rise. The ups is 070022007493 best by 3/18/15 then says w.500:04 I bought them from Sanders Parkview in Salamanca NY 14779 . I paid 6.00 for the bag.
Eve Barborek said on Apr 11, 2016
We purchased Rhodes AnyTime Cinnamon Rolls on April 5, 2016 at local City Market. UPC070022007790, Best By 09/28/16. Only the tops cooked, while the rest remained doughy. They were not edible.
eleanor wooster said on Oct 29, 2015
I purchased a bag of the cinnamon rolls at the Clearfield Pa Walmart and the rolls would not rise. I have bought your cinnamon rolls for years and this is the first time that they did not rise. The price was 3.74
Gary Picthall said on Apr 15, 2016
This is the second time rising and baking evenly I have had a problem with the Texas rolls. The date on this package is best used by 4/30/16 which they still sound be okay. I have pictures I would like to attach but don't know how!! What would you suggest, been using this product for years without any problem and all at once twice in two different packages.
pamela swihart said on Feb 21, 2016
purchased Rhodes Anytime Cinnamon Rolls with cream cheese frosting-ready in 30 minutes and the rolls
failed to raise, hence they were dense and the cinnamon "oooozed" out of them!! we have purchased many of these as well as the microwaveable and the overnight rolls with "almost" no previous problems. we believe in your product but these were the worse..rolls were purchased for $4.29 at the "Schnuck's
Grocery chain" in O'Fallon, Mo..UPS # 7002200779..RESPECTFULLY, request a refund on this batch of rolls..please send coupon to swihartp@yahoo.com..i will continue to purchase your rolls even though the 30 minute rolls need improvement..
Karen Preul said on Jan 24, 2016
My kids love cinnamon rolls, & especially Rhodes cinnamon rolls. I normally buy the large bag of the traditional individual frozen ones that you take out and let raise before baking or the tin panful that you just stick in the oven and bake. However since both methods take much longer, I decided to try out the microwave cinnamon rolls. I purchased the bag of 6 from our neighborhood Fry's in Scottsdale, AZ. We followed the directions and doughy. We lengthened the time slightly and still doughy...my kids were very disappointed with the end product and requested "the ones we normally use." Expiration date: 2/16/16 UPC 070022001491/# above: B00149-1412.
Joanne Smith said on Nov 21, 2015
I purchased two pans of Cinnamon Rolls (w/cream cheese icing) at a Harris Teeter Food Store in Charlotte, NC on November 1, 2015, and although the rolls did rise, the cinnamon on the top was very hard/crispy. I paid $5.60 for each using two $.40 coupons.
Patricia Robertson said on Feb 04, 2016
I bought a pkg of Rhodes microwave cinnamon rolls. I followed the directions and put 1 roll in the microwave for the plate for 60 seconds. The roll was gummy.I decided to try the oven. I placed the remaining rolls in a none stick round cake pan and baked at 350 degrees. The rolls raised as they baked. They were very tasty and the consistency was fine. Why is there no directions to bake in the oven?
Carrie Fry said on Nov 26, 2015
Purchased a bag of Rhodes Anytime Cinnamon Rolls and were disappointed when they did not rise during baking. Purchased the end of Oct. 2015 at local grocery store. UPC 070022007998. I echo the other customers comments about this being first time I have ever had this happen in the years I have purchased these rolls.
Louise Ecklund said on Nov 27, 2015
I bought a bag of dinner rolls 36 count on Nov.19,2015 at Fry's grocery store here in Yuma, Az. I did everything the directions stated, they raised fairly nice, all the rolls in the middle stayed small. When I baked them only the tops cooked and the bottom was very wet and doughy. I did notice the bag had a strange smell to it. We were very disappointed as I have used the bread many times before. This was the first time I tried the rolls. Could they have been bad? Thank you.
Dianne Barlow said on Feb 07, 2016
I have been buying Rhodes products for many years with no problems, but the last 2 times the bread does not rise something must be wrong never had this problem before
Rita Snyder said on Aug 20, 2016
Seems to me I'm not the only one disappointed in your AnyTime Cinnamon rolls. I had the same problem as the others, no rising, very dense, and not even comparable to your incredible cinnamon rolls. Not sure of the protocol but the UPC code is 070022007998 on this package and I bought them at my local store, Shurfine Food Center. I bought two at the time and just thought I did something wrong the first time so I didn't keep the package. Don't remember what I paid for them, but won't ever be buying them again.
James Petersen said on Sep 19, 2016
Bought your Anytime Caramel Rolls, upc 7002200774. Cooked them this AM was disappointed, didn't seem to have much flavor and didn't like their texture.
Ron Lemon said on Sep 23, 2016
purchased a pkg of your frozen cinnamon rolls followed direction very POOR RESULTS--they won't raise and we cooked them for 20 minutes --how ever when we ate then they tasted raw on in side...not a very good experience. What s your advice bar code 70022 00749 purchased from local hyvee cannot read if best used by 09/23/?? says w.6 20 4on pkg
Pat E said on Nov 12, 2017
I recently purchased a bag of Rhodes cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting from a small store in Hinckley, MN. UPC 7002200799. Baked them this morning and they did not rise any larger than when frozen. Otherwise I have been pleased with Rhodes products in the past. I pad $4.99 for the product.
Expiration on the product was 11/10/17 which I did not notice, and would not have purchased.
Jeanne Foote said on Feb 14, 2017
I purchased two bags of the anytime (ready in 30 minutes) Cinnamon Rolls. I made the first bag a couple months ago, and they didn't rise, were dense and small. I did exactly what the directions said. I pulled out the second the second bag a few days before expiration, I forgot I had it, and decided to give them another try. The same thing. I just think you can't fool mother nature, which needs the yeast to rise to give you that perfect roll. Your other products are great. I would pull this off the market, because they are not edible. I will never waste my money on these again. P.S. I have been using your other cinnamon rolls forever, but never again will I purchase these. Sorry to have to give a negative report.
Cathy Taylor said on Sep 09, 2017
UPC 070022007998 rhodes anytime! BakeNServ cinnamon rolls: tried them per directions & they do not rise to be much bigger than the frozen product, tried again & let them raise prior to baking...just not happy with the product. Cost $4.79 at pick n save/paid $3.60 on sale, I'll buy your frozen bread dough next time & make this dish we call cinnablob from scratch!! Hu
Mary K Parker said on Oct 02, 2017
I bought your Orange Rolls freezer to oven and was very disappointed in this product. I have bought and served them before but the results were not like ths package. I prepared them as stated and there was a granual substance on the rolls like they we old , the package states best by 03/03/18 21:00 UPC is 070022007769
I normally love your products.
Thanks, MaryCALLE
Gary huffman said on Dec 24, 2017
We purchased a frozen orange roll and a cinnamon roll for use over the holidays and when opened they looked like they had been thawed and frozen again we live close to the store and don't believe we let them thaw. We purchased them at winco in Eugene Oregon
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