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About Our Blog

Out Of The Oven, the official blog of Rhodes Bake-N-Serv™, was started as a way to share recipe ideas and baking tips with our consumers. From Appetizers to Entrees and fun, specialty snacks inbetween our bloggers come up with “Out of the Oven” ideas that are sure to please all.

About Rhodes Bake-N-Serv ™

For both the delicious aroma and taste of home, nothing comes close to that of fresh-baked breads and rolls, and none are better than those from Rhodes Bake-N-Serv™.

Rhodes manufactures and sells frozen bread, roll and cinnamon roll dough products, as well as producing partially-baked rolls, enabling today’s busy families to enjoy them at any time. Rhodes prides themselves in producing high quality products using the best ingredients and time-honored techniques. Rhodes frozen bread and rolls are readily available in the freezer section of retail grocery stores throughout the United States.

Founded in 1958 by Herbert Cecil Rhodes, an inventor and designer of bakery equipment, the company started in Portland, Oregon. Through the years Rhodes has grown, operating today with over 200 employees. Rhodes is a family owned company with its headquarters in Utah, since 1990, and a manufacturing facility in Wisconsin.

About Our Bloggers

Meet Helen

from http://justhelen.typepad.com/

As a busy mother of six almost grown children, I have always loved to create things. Whether in the kitchen or in my workroom, I always have a project in progress. When I finally decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon, I was immediately hooked. Two years later, I can't remember when blogging wasn't part of my weekly schedule. Now I love sharing craft ideas, recipes (old and new) and my thoughts and adventures with anyone that cares to stop by and read all about it at Just Helen. It makes my kids happy when they come home and the aroma of something yummy greets them at the door. They are great guinea pigs, especially when it has Rhodes in the ingredients list!