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Main Dishes

Bacon Cheeseburger B...

BBQ Chicken Stromboli

Braided Athenian Bread

Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Pork and Pineapple ...
Asian Chicken Cups
Asian Chicken Pizza
Bacon Cheesburger Fl...
Bacon Cheeseburger B...
Bacon Cheeseburger T...
Baked Chicken Empanadas
Baked Potato Pizza
Baked Reuben Braid
Baked Tacos
Barbecue Pork Calzones
BBQ Chicken Pizza (L...
BBQ Chicken Stromboli
Beef and Veggie Cass...
Beefy French Onion Loaf
Biscuit Cordon Bleu
Black Bean and Corn ...
Braided Athenian Bread
Braided Spaghetti Bread
Broccoli and Tomato ...
Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Cajun Crab Salad
California White Pizza
Calzones or Pizza Po...
Caprese Bites
Cheddar and Bacon Fo...
Cheese Fondue with C...
Cheesy Chicken Rolls
Chicken & Biscuit Bake
Chicken & Ham Rolls
Chicken Alfredo Pizza
Chicken and Broccoli...
Chicken and Cheese C...
Chicken and Swiss Bake
Chicken and Veggie Ring
Chicken BBQ Pizza
Chicken Fajita Pizza
Chicken Filled Stuff...
Chicken N Rhodes Pot...
Chicken Verde Loaf
Chili Cheese Bundles
Chili Cheese Rolls
Chopped Pizza
Cilantro Pesto Pizza
Corned Beef and Pota...
Crab Empanadas
Crustworthy Meatloaf
Crusty Caprese Sliders
Deep Dish Pizza
Deli Stromboli
Easy Cheesy Chicken ...
Easy Homemade Pizza
Family Night Pizza
Family Size Italian ...
Football Pepperoni P...
Fresh Corn and Chedd...
Fresh Veggie Pizza
Garden Pesto Panini
Garden Pockets
Garden Veggie Bundles
Garlic Mashed Potato...
Gourmet Turkey Rolls
Grilled Buffalo Chic...
Grilled Cashew Chick...
Grilled Chicken Fajitas
Grilled Chicken Pest...
Grilled Chicken Ques...
Grilled Hawaiian Que...
Ham & Cheese Roll Ups
Ham and Cheese Bread
Ham and Cheese Sliders
Ham and Cheese Strata
Ham and Cheese Strom...
Ham and Cheese Tart
Ham and Swiss and Br...
Hamburger Filled Buns
Hawaiian Pizza
Heart Shaped Calzones
Italian Deep Dish Pizza
Italian Panini
Italian Sausage Braid
Italian Sausage Pie
Italian Waffles
Leftover Sliders
Margherita Pizza
Meatball Muffins
Meatball Sliders
Mediterranean Pizza
Melt Your Heart Pizza
Mini Pizzas
Navajo Taco
Penne Pasta Pizza
Pepper Popper Sliders
Peppered Sliders
Pepperoni and Sausag...
Pepperoni Bread
Pepperoni Swirls
Personal Cheeseburge...
Personal Margherita ...
Personal Pot Pies
Philly Cheese Steak ...
Philly Stuffed Pies
Pizza Cups
Pizza Pockets
Pizza Roll Ups
Primavera Pie
Quick Sliders
Reuben Pizza
Reuben Swirl Rolls
Reuben Turnovers
Rhodes Calzones
Rhodes Sliders
Runzas (Bierocks)
Sausage and Three Ch...
Savory Chicken Veget...
Shrimp Pesto Pizza
Sloppy Joe Pizza
Smiling Jack Sandwich
Southwest Veggie Sli...
Spinach Swirl Loaf
Spinach Twist
Stroganoff Loaf
Stuffed Crust Pizza
Stuffed Meatball Pizza
Stuffed Pizza Pull A...
Stuffed Reuben Pie
Sunflower Spinach Pie
Sweet and Sour Chick...
Taco Filled Braid
Taco Nacho Pizza
Texas Breakfast Roll Up
Thai Chicken Bundles
Thai Peanut Pizza
Three Cheese Pizza
Tomato Basil Tart
Turkey and Spinach B...
Turkey and Stuffing ...
Turkey and Stuffing ...
Turkey and Stuffing ...
Turkey Asiago Sliders
Turkey Bacon Avocado...
Turkey Filled Rolls
Turkey Roll Ups
Turkey Rosemary Turn...
Upside Down Pizza
Vegetable Fajita
Vegetable Focaccia
Whole Wheat Garden P...
Whole Wheat Vegetabl...
Zesty Sausage Bundt