Dianna From whateverdeedeewants Mon, Jun 22 2015

Patriotic Fruit Pizza

Fresh Fruit Pizza, loaded with fresh fruit is so tasty for spring or Summer.  Add some Red strawberries with fresh blueberries and its perfect for a patriotic celebration.

Dianna From whateverdeedeewants Mon, May 25 2015

Turkey Bacon Avocado Sliders

These Turkey Bacon Avocado Sliders are easy to make a pretty dang tasty! They would be great for your next party, lunch, dinner or even the next shower you have to throw.

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Dianna From whateverdeedeewants Mon, Jan 05 2015

Hearty Breakfast Bake

Anything to make life easier right?  I love that you can prepare this Hearty Breakfast Bake the night before so it will be all ready to bake in the morning.

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Dianna From whateverdeedeewants Mon, Dec 02 2013

Apple Cranberry Braid

Braided bread always makes a table look special and this one with nuts, cranberries and apples makes a perfect holiday addition.

Dianna From whateverdeedeewants Mon, Oct 14 2013

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Pull Aparts

Pumpkin and Cream Cheese make this a delicious fall dessert.

Dianna From whateverdeedeewants Mon, Jul 08 2013

Fry Bread Breakfast Sandwich

This Fry Bread Breakfast Sandwich is the breakfast sandwich of all breakfast sandwiches, it is beyond delicious.

Dianna From whateverdeedeewants Mon, May 20 2013

Lemon Slices

The tangy taste of lemon screams SUMMER!  A must make, Sweet Treat!

Dianna From whateverdeedeewants Mon, Apr 08 2013

Tomato Focaccia

Try this healthy focaccia as an appetizer or for your main dish. Delicious!

Dianna From whateverdeedeewants Mon, Feb 11 2013

Cheesy Chicken Rolls

These delicious rolls resemble Chicken Enchiladas. A great brunch, lunch or dinner recipe.

Dianna From whateverdeedeewants Fri, Dec 21 2012

Christmas Tree Pizza

This is a fun Christmas pizza that the kids can all help make, decorate and eat!

Dianna From whateverdeedeewants Fri, Oct 19 2012

Spider Web Pepperoni Pizza

Are you ready to make a fun Halloween pizza for your little ones? It would also work well for a Halloween party. What's not to love about this Spider Web pepperoni Pizza?

Click here for the full article.

Dianna From whateverdeedeewants Mon, Oct 15 2012

Mini Breakfast Pizzas

Pizza for breakfast? Absolutely! Shake things up for breakfast by serving a plate full of delicious with a side of fun with our Mini Breakfast Pizzas.

Click here to see the full recipe

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