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Mon, Jul 18 2011 post by admin

Rhodes History: Beginnings

Have you ever wondered how the Rhodes company got started? Come learn about our founder, inventor and entrepreneur, Herbert Cecil Rhodes Jr. He wasn't just in to frozen dough. Take a pe...

Herbert Rhodes - History of Rhodes Bake N ServHerbert Cecil Rhodes Jr. was born near Sheffield in Derbyshire County, England, February 27, 1896, as the fifth child of Herbert Cecil and Jane Crooks Rhodes’ family of eight children. When Herbert Jr. was eight, he got his first job selling bread after school and on Saturdays--a pound loaf for three pennies.

In 1907, the Rhodes family moved to Fernie, British Columbia. Herb Jr. got a choreboy job at Fernie Free Press. Within two months, he began his own printing business. In 1911, Herb repaired an abandoned water well rig for $300 and started drilling wells. His first well struck water at 125 feet and is still in use today.

About this time, Herb noticed pretty Edythe Andrews. Edythe, of Portland, Oregon, was in Canada visiting relatives. She soon became Mrs. Herbert Rhodes.  Herb and Edythe moved to Portland, Oregon in 1919 where Herb opened the Dusty Rhodes Garage. Among his automotive inventions were the compression gauge and magneto charger for Model T Fords.

Rhodes Bake N Serv Original Packaging

Herb got into the food processing business when he bought a mayonnaise company that was going broke and put it back on its feet. In 1928 he sold the company to Nalley in Tacoma, Washington.

In 1929, Herb assisted in perfecting the automatic-roll machine. In 1932, he founded Rhodes Bakery Equipment, Inc. which sold products nationwide and revolutionized the baking industry. In 1948, Mr. Rhodes and his staff perfected the Rhodes Automatic Reverse Sheeting Moulder-Panner. For a period of time, 80% of all bread made in the United States and Canada was produced under his patents. Rhodes Bakery Equipment also perfected and manufactured the “Kook-e-King” machine which automated the cookie industry.

In 1951, Herb bought a bankrupt freezer manufacturing plant. For several years he manufactured “Zero Freeze” domestic and commercial freezers. Les Lindsay joined him in 1952 as office manager and bookkeeper and became his business manager. In 1958, Herb and Les combined the bakery equipment and refrigeration plants in Portland, Oregon and developed frozen bread dough branded as Rhodes Bake-N-Serv Bread. They franchised 17 small frozen dough plants over most of the United States, Canada and England.

Stay tuned for more Rhodes history...

(Click here for part 2)

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sharon howard said on Jul 31, 2011
that is interesting. when is the rest of the story coming?
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