Rhodes Best of 2013

admin Tue, Dec 31 2013

Rhodes best of 2013

Rhodes is pleased to bring you our 10 most popular blog posts of 2013. These are the best of the best based on page views during the year. We were surprised by some of the results, and you may be too! Here they are with links to each post:


Salted Caramel Apple Cups


Swiss Cheese Bread




Apple Dumplings


Dutch Oven Caramel Apple Pie




Italian Herb Skillet Bread


Slow Cooker Rolls


Mini Monkey Rolls


Braided Spaghetti Bread


Home of America's favorite frozen bread and rolls

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Linda Whittaker said on Dec 31, 2013 Reply
Can individuals order online
Amy said on Jan 02, 2014
I can help you. What is it you want to order?

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