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Fri, Aug 12 2016 post by Stacie

Happy S'mores Day from Rhodes

In honor of National S'mores Day which is celebrated on August 10th each year, we bring you 8 s'mores-inspired recipes to help you finish out your summer in style!

Happy S'mores Day from Rhodes

National S'mores Day is celebrated each year at the end of summer - August 10th to be exact. So in honor of that wonderful holiday, we bring you 8 S'mores-Inspired recipes to help you celebrate in style! Pick your favorite to try before the lazy days of summer have completely passed you by! Just click on the delicious image to be taken to the recipe. Enjoy!

1. S'mores Cinnamon Roll Cake

Happy S'mores Day from Rhodes

2. S'mores Calzones

S'mores Calzones

3. Nutella S'mores Bread

Nutella S'mores Bread

4. S'mores Pizza

S'mores Pizza

5. S'more-Filled Donut Holes

S'mores Filled Donut Holes

6. S'mores Bundt

S'mores Bundt

7. S'mores Monkey Bread Muffins

S'mores Monkey Bread Muffins

8. Braided S'mores Bread

Braided S'mores Bread

Bonus recipe: it's not too early to start thinking about Halloween, is it?

Spider S'mores

Spider S'mores

Be sure to visit this blog and our kids blog for S'MORE fun recipe ideas 5 times a week!

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