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Mon, May 23 2016 post by Kristin From creativemeinspiredyou

Breakfast Braid

On Saturdays we are usually busy but try to find some time to have brunch together, and Sundays is my hubby's favorite. He loves to make a big breakfast for us all to enjoy.

 Rhodes Breakfast Braid


One of my favorite things about the weekends is sharing breakfast as a family. On Saturdays we are usually busy but try to find some time to have brunch together, and Sundays is my hubby's favorite. He loves to make a big breakfast for us all to enjoy, and I enjoy the break in cooking. Recently I've been creating some danishes for breakfast and found this amazing Rhodes idea that I couldn't wait to try out. I browse Pinterest looking for various ideas for inspiration for recipes and love the idea of all in one breakfasts, a quick grab and go for our busy Saturday mornings, or even a dish that will carry us through the week are always ideas I want to try. I'm amazed at how many egg dishes can be created once, and reheated or warmed for a healthy, easy to take along breakfast.

This dish is definitely pretty enough for a meal to please the eye, but it's delicious too. The soft but crispy bread on the outside, with touches of crispy cheese, envelope a layer of fluffy rich eggs with the hint of chives, along with crunch bacon and more cheesy goodness. It's hearty and filling!

For this recipe- we need 8 Rhodes Bake N Serv Dinner Rolls, partially thawed.

Rhodes Breakfast Braid

Partially thawed means that they are mostly soft, but still have a little coldness to them. I like to use them this way so I can cut through them more easily.

DSC_0011Rhodes Breakfast Braid

With a sharp knife, cut each roll into four pieces. They do not have to be perfect, just about even as you can manage.

DSC_0012Rhodes Breakfast Braid

 Do this for all your 8 dinner rolls.

DSC_0013Rhodes Breakfast Braid

Then take those pieces of roll, and place them on a parchment lined baking sheet. Arrange them 5 across and 6 down. I doubled a few of the smallest pieces to have more even coverage.

Now allow them to thaw all the way.

Meanwhile, prepare your egg filling.

DSC_0001Rhodes Breakfast Braid

In a bowl, add 6 large eggs, 1/4 cup sour cream, and 1 tablespoon chives. Salt and Pepper for taste.

Use a fork and blend well.

DSC_0009Rhodes Breakfast Braid

 Cook over medium heat in pan with 1 tablespoon of butter until softly scrambled but still moist. Allow to cool. Cook 6 slices of bacon and crumble after cooling.

DSC_0014Rhodes Breakfast Braid

Now that your rolls are completely thawed, use a greased rolling pin and roll them out so that they form an even layer, this also helps to seal the edges together.

DSC_0015Rhodes Breakfast Braid

In the center of the dough, add 1/2 cup of the cheese, making sure to leave about 2 inches at the top and bottom of the dough.

DSC_0017Rhodes Breakfast Braid

On top of the cheese, now add your cooled egg mixture.

DSC_0020Rhodes Breakfast Braid

Top the eggs with your crumbled bacon.

DSC_0022Rhodes Breakfast Braid

Then ( remove and set aside two pinches of cheese from the remaining 1/2 cup) finish by adding the other 1/2 cup of cheese on top.

I added the cheese on top and bottom to keep the egg and bacon mixtures from falling out of the pastry.

DSC_0023Rhodes Breakfast Braid

You can cut the edges of the dough to begin the folding process, but I found that it was just as easy to pick up each side piece, pull a little on the dough to stretch it, and fold it over on top of the egg mixture.

Beginning at one end of the bread, I pulled and stretched each piece on side side, then the other, overlapping them as I went along. And like lacing up shoes, I returned to the other side to begin the next two pieces.

DSC_0024Rhodes Breakfast Braid

 The finished piece will have a little bit of the egg and cheese peeking out, but be mostly covered.

DSC_0027Rhodes Breakfast Braid

Melt the remaining 1 1/2 tablespoons of butter , and brush over the braid.

DSC_0028Rhodes Breakfast Braid

Use the two pinches of cheese that was set aside and sprinkle over the braid.

Cover with saran wrap and allow to rise for 30 minutes.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 

 DSC_0031Rhodes Breakfast Braid

 Bake for 30-35 minutes until golden brown on the outside. Serve sprinkled with a little parsley and salsa on the side.

DSC_0038Rhodes Breakfast Braid

Slice into 1 inch thick pieces. Serves 6-8 people.

DSC_0043Rhodes Breakfast Braid




Breakfast Braid (With Rolls)

Servings: 8 | Skills: Intermediate | Prep Time: 30 min (not including thaw time) | Bake Time: 30-35 min

Breakfast Braid (With Rolls)
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8 Rhodes Bake N Serv Rolls- partially thawed
cooking spray/parchment paper
6 large eggs
1/4 cup sour cream
1 tablespoon butter
salt and pepper
1 tablespoon chives

6 pieces of bacon cooked and crumbled
1 1/2 tablespoons melted butter
1 cup shredded cheese- divided


Thaw out dinner rolls until partially still hard. Slice rolls into four pieces.

Place roll slices out on parchment paper lined baking pan in 5x6 piece pattern, and allow to thaw completely.

Use a greased rolling pin to roll dough to even the dough and roll into single sheet.

Cook eggs with sour cream and chives using butter in pan until soft scrambled but still moist.

Layer cheese, eggs, bacon, and cheese on dough sheet, leaving 2 inches on either side of egg mixture.

In crisscross fashion, pull pieces of dough over egg mixture to create braid.

Brush braid top with additional butter, then top with sprinkled cheese.

Allow to rise for 30 minutes.

Bake in 350 degree oven for 30-35 minutes until golden brown. Remove from oven, allow to cool 10 minutes, then slice into pieces.


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