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Tue, Dec 10 2013 post by admin

12 Days of Rhodes, Christmas Fun

Get ready for our countdown to Christmas with the 12 Days of Rhodes! Join us each day for a fun new post with lots of Rhodes holiday baking ideas! 

12 Days of Rhodes Intro


Holiday help has arrived!

To help you plan for the holidays, Rhodes is happy to bring you The Twelve Days of Rhodes! We are going to have a fun series of 12 posts that will feature lots of quick and easy ideas for you and your family. Do you do Elf on the Shelf? We've got some funny ideas! Hosting a holiday dinner? Check out our post on beautiful shaped rolls. We've got great stuff for the kids, gift ideas, and tons more! Join us for The 12 Days of Rhodes Holiday Fun!

Keep coming back to this page for the complete list of all 12 days. "On the First Day of Rhodes, My Favorite Frozen Roll Dough Company Gave to Me..." and so on! Here they are:

The First Day of Rhodes: "Elf on the Shelf"

The Second Day of Rhodes: "Christmas Morning"

The Third Day of Rhodes: "Gift Giving"

The Fourth Day of Rhodes: "Holiday Dinner"

The Fifth Day of Rhodes: "Kids Ideas"

The Sixth Day of Rhodes: "Amazing Appetizers"

The Seventh Day of Rhodes: "Desserts to Impress"

The Eighth Day of Rhodes: "Game Night"

The Ninth Day of Rhodes: "Winter Warm Up"

The Tenth Day of Rhodes: "Pizza Night"

The Eleventh Day of Rhodes: "Christmas Traditions"

The Twelvth Day of Rhodes: "Last-Minute Solutions"


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